Chai Point’s commitment is to bring you an unbeatable Chai experience— whether in your neighbourhood, at home or at work. In order to do this, Chai Point has consistently stayed ahead of the curve, using technology to solve the issues of accessibility and convenience, while ensuring taste and excellent quality of the Chai it serves. As a technology-based beverage pioneer, Chai Point is constantly innovating to improve the quality of the Chai experience for its customers.


A cloud-based platform, SHARK allows for fast and seamless integration of billing and tracking across all Chai Point outlets, through mobile payment and Wi-Fi based setups. The software integrates warehouse and suppliers with the point of sales (POS) so that future demands can be predicted. This also enables real-time monitoring of the performance of a retail outlet in any region or location. SHARK offers a delivery management platform that is integrated seamlessly with its POS and SCM service layers. SHARK also has a device management layer to manage IoT-enabled dispensers. A dynamic reporting platform built into SHARK allows for a truly omni-channel view of the Chai Point business. is India’s first cloud based beverages service platform. is powered by IoT-enabled freshly brewed Chai and coffee dispensers. This platform allows for superior service levels and a high degree of billing and consumption transparency to corporate customers. Combining quality and taste, Chai Point’s is intelligent, connected, easy to use and guarantees a perfect cup of Chai designed to fuel a workday. Each cup of Chai is freshly brewed with completely natural ingredients.