The reward cashback will be credited in your PrioriTea wallet, the Chai Point wallet that can be used exclusively at our stores and while placing orders for delivery. Customers will receive 5% cashback upon loading their PrioriTea wallet and ensure a smooth cashless transaction for their daily ritual of Chai. The PrioriTea wallet is both a wallet for online payments and a medium for rewards.

Load money in your PrioriTea wallet

Add at a Chai Point store: Walk-in to our store and share your phone number with our store partner. Pay through cash or card and the amount with the initial cashback of 5% will reflect in your PrioriTea wallet immediately.

Add online: Go to PrioriTea Wallet, click on “Add Money” and choose the option “Online”. Enter the reload amount which will redirect you to the payments page where you could pay through card/ net banking or other wallets. The amount with initial cashback of 5% will reflect immediately in your PrioriTea wallet.

Pay through PrioriTea wallet

Through OTP: Share your phone number with the store partner at the time of billing. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Share the OTP with the store partner for a smooth cashless transaction.

Through Bar Code Scanning: Open the Chai Point App while ordering in-store. Go to the PrioriTea Wallet and choose “Pay at Store”. A Bar Code will be generated which completes the payment upon being scanned by the store partner.

You could pay through your Chai Point Wallet, in Chai Point retail outlets or on ordering online through Chai-on-Call, either partially (in case of insufficient balance) or in-full. The remainder amount can be paid either through cash or card; depending on the payment options available at stores*.