Garden to GlassTM

Chai Point’s Signature Teas

We bring to you the freshest tea leaves sourced from the best plantations in India. Our tea leaves are vacuum packed immediately after manufacturing at the garden itself to give you the freshest glass of Chai.

Staying true to our Clean Earth practices, our teas are packed in pouches that are 100% biodegradable. A custom designed steel scoop is placed in each pouch to make sure that every scoop has just the desired amount of tea in it.

Our endeavor is to become a part of the Chai ritual in your home everyday!

Whole Leaf Green Tea

Enjoy a smooth and refreshing experience with the goodness of our whole leaf tea – vacuum packed for freshness.

Tea type - Whole Leaf

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Premium Assam CTC Tea

For an invigorating experience, try our full bodied Assam tea – a great way to keep you energized throughout the day.

Tea type - CTC Leaf

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Assam Masala Tea

Revel in a warm, spicy and comforting cup of Masala Chai – with 100% real spices blended to perfection.

Tea type - CTC Leaf

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For us at Chai Point, Chai is the ready cup of brew in hand - whether hot or cold; and Tea to us, are tea leaves - standalone or blended with other spices and herbs.
We are excited to bring to you our own range of the freshest teas, so you can have a great cup of Chai at home.

Why we decided to bring forth our own range of teas?

We are driven by our love for Chai.

We wanted to elevate the quality of Chai that is consumed at home. We felt that a glass of Chai made from freshly manufactured tea is unparalleled. We also felt for a beverage as personal as Chai, our customers should have an assurance of safety and good health for every family member.

We often hear from our customers about how protective they are about the environment and how they are unapologetic about wasteful and harmful packaging. Furthermore, we heard customers say that there is nobody to guide them on the art and technique of making a great glass of Chai. We felt there is a difference we can make in the lives of our consumers, with our range of teas.

What is special about our teas?

  • We select our partner tea plantations with utmost care given to safe growing practices to design the highest quality teas
  • Our teas are vacuum sealed for freshness
  • We only use the highest quality and 100% pure spices
  • Each pouch comes with a customized steel scoop for precise measure
  • We observe the shortest time from manufacturing to packaging
  • We offer shorter than industry expiry norms to ensure the best quality

How do you get to buy these teas?

The Chai Point store network is now 100+ and spread over 8 cities. The Garden to Glass™ Tea range is available at our stores, where our in-store partners will be able to guide you and tell you more about our range. Foremost, you get to touch, feel and smell the aroma of these teas. These teas are also available on from where they will be delivered straight to your doorstep. In due time, we hope to make them available in key retail chains across the country.

We strive to make sure that great teas from Chai Point are easily accessible for you to indulge in, in the comfort of your home.