Q. What is PrioriTea Rewards Program?
A. PrioriTea is Chai Point's reward program created to make our customer's experience with us more meaningful through cash back and exciting offers.

Q. How do I earn cashback in my account?
A. You can simply register at a Chai Point store by sharing your mobile number at the time of billing or download our mobile app and create an account. Once you share your number, you are automatically enrolled in the PrioriTea program. Remember to share the number every time you make a purchase at a Chai Point store or online. To avail exclusive offers, also register your details on

Q. How do I redeem my cashback?
A. At a store, choose to pay by wallet and share details with our store partners. They will help you redeem the cashback in your account to pay for your purchases.
While ordering online or on app, choose to pay by wallet and the cashback will get used to pay for your purchases.
You also have the option of paying partially from your PrioriTea wallet and the rest can be paid by any means of payment accepted at the particular store.

Q. What rewards do I earn upon registering with PrioriTea Rewards Program?
A. PrioriTea rewards can be earned in two tiers -
i) You earn 2% cash back on all your in-store spends up to a spend of Rs.250 within the given month
ii) If your spend crosses Rs 250 within the month, you earn a 4% cashback on all your in-store purchases thereon
iii) On spending Rs.500 with Chai Point either in-store or on delivery (through Chai Point app or website), you earn free beverages from our range of indulgent beverages
iv) Cashback is not credited for orders for delivery

Q. Is there any minimum balance required to use my PrioriTea wallet?
A. No, you can use any amount that is being reflected in your PrioriTea wallet. In case the bill amount exceeds the balance in your wallet, the remaining amount can be paid using cash or card in our stores.

Q. What is the validity of the cashback?
A. The cashback, if unutilized, will expire after a period of six months of being credited into your PrioriTea wallet.

Q. How can I change my registered phone number?
A. Please write to us requesting a change of contact information. We will get back to you with further steps.

Q. How do I see my cashback and rewards?
A. Login to your account on Chai Point app. Check the “PrioriTea Wallet” for available balance and transaction history. Check the “Rewards” section to check available rewards balance.

Q. Why should you register your details with Chai Point?
A. Login to to register your personal invitation with us. Earn special rewards and offers; and invites to exclusive events at Chai Point by sharing your details.

Q. Can I split my cashback points/rewards will a colleague?
A. This cannot be done in retrospect. Please ask the store partner to generate separate bills with respective phone numbers.