Clean Earth is a guiding principle for Chai Point’s operations. The intent here is to first limit environmental impact and innovatively look at making positive contribution towards our environment. Right from our inception, we have challenged ourselves to set new standards and introduce practices and products that protect the planet and reduce our carbon footprint.


Chai Point is one of the first food & beverages companies in India to introduce 100% biodegradable packaging. Food boxes and plates for in-store and delivery channel are made of bagasse, the fibrous matter leftover after crushing sugarcane stalks for sugar.


Chai Point’s innovation— the heat-retaining disposable flask has been designed to meet highest quality standards and is partially recyclable. All five layers of the pouch are approved for food industry usage with the innermost layer being certified free of harmful BPAs.


Chai Point’s delivery fleet, the Green T-Brigade consists of over 80 all-electric scooters. Deployed across all cities where Chai Point is present, the fleet contributes positively to keeping air pollution levels low.


Chai Point segregates all garbage produced at its retail outlets across the country at source. The used tea leaves are donated to farmers in Doddaballapur (for Bangalore region) to be used as manure.


Chai Point only uses sulphurless sugar in its outlets which ensures that customers are safe from the harmful effects of sulphur that can be found in sugar that is refined using the double sulphination method.