For millions of working professionals in India, finding a good cup of Chai is a major challenge. In between work breaks, people either have to satisfy themselves with substandard Chai or have to resort to tea bags which lack the authenticity of a freshly brewed cup of chai. Sensing this gap, Chai Point has introduced India’s first cloud based platform for beverage services.

WHAT IS provides high-quality, freshly-brewed Chai and Filter Coffee to corporate companies. The IoT enabled 100% automatic dispenser ensures that professionals get a great tasting cup of Chai at work. We believe that an authentic cup of Chai is a simple yet powerful driving factor for great work days.


We offer a variety of options to our clients that come with the plug-and-play dispenser. Different varieties of freshly Chai like classic, masala, elaichi and ginger along with authentic filter coffee. We also provide tea-bags, hot chocolate and badam milk.

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